Jon Anderson Is Finally Releasing Solo Album He Started Almost 30 Years Ago

Founding Yes front man Jon Anderson's first new solo album in eight years is one he started work on almost 30 years ago.

The forthcoming 1,000 Hands album is finally due out March 31 after some three decades in limbo. Anderson also plans to celebrate the new album with a solo tour of the U.S.

The singer mentioned 1,000 Hands in a New Year's message last year, saying he hoped to release the album in 2018. It appears, however, that Anderson's touring schedule with Yes Featuring ARW, celebrating 50 years of Yes prompted him to delay finalizing the record.

"I've spent long periods of time making some records, but I've never taken a journey quite like this one," Anderson said via a press release. "To say that 1,000 Hands has been a long time in coming would be quite and understatement, but I'm thrilled that it's finally a reality and that my fans will now be able to hear it. And I think they'll be delighted to hear music that's timeless. It's one of the best things I've ever done."

1,000 Hands takes its name from the substantial list of names in the album credits. Anderson has played with hundreds of musicians since the early-'90s, many of them contributed in some way to the music on the album.

The credits include Anderson's late-Yes co-founder Chris Squire, as well as former Yes band mates Steve Howe and Alan White.

It also features Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, jazz legend Chick Corea, Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Jonathan Cain of Journey and Rick Derringer among many others.

Anderson chalks up the lengthy delay in the album's release to him getting busy with other projects and tours. He says he would set aside the album for long periods and wonder about its potential.

"I would listen to the tapes from time to time and think, 'This could have been a great album! One day I'll finish it."

In order to put the finishing touches on it, Anderson re-enlisted the help of producer Michael T. Franklin in late-2017. He says a synergy with Franklin helped him complete the record after all this time, writing four new songs.

Jon's first solo shows of the year at March 11 - 12 in Orlando. The tour itself begins on March 29 and continues through May 12. Get all Jon Anderson's tour dates here.

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