Chris Shiflett Calls Out People Speculating On Taylor Hawkins' Death

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In the age of the Internet, everyone has a platform to shout their opinion. In the case of Taylor Hawkins' death, some pretty out there conspiracy theories arose with people speculating on how exactly he died. During a recent interview, Hawkins' bandmate Chris Shiflett slammed "Twitter private investigators" for their "disrespectful" views on his death.

“This one is very different because of the public side of it and there’s so much internet sleuthing that people are doing and especially right after he died. All these Twitter private investigators… it’s all wrong. They’re wrong about everything and that’s been really strange to watch,” the Foo Fighters guitarist said. “I understand people’s fascination with it. Taylor was this big character and he meant a lot to millions of people all over the world, so on one hand I get that fascination with it, but it’s like so much of what I’ve seen out there is so completely wrong."

“I mean, there’s people out there saying s**t like Dave [Grohl] killed Taylor by making him get the COVID vaccine. It’s just s**t like that. It’s like, ‘Ah f**k you’re going to turn it into that? F**k you!'" he added. “I try not to pay attention to any of that stuff, because who gives a f**k? It’s just some yahoo on Twitter, but it does make you angry because that s**t is just disrespectful if you ask me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Shiflett insinuated that the Foos will continue making music without Hawkins. Last week, he and his bandmates hosted a tribute to Hawkins in Los Angeles, which spanned six hours and 53 songs.

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