Machine Gun Kelly & Halsey Fight It Out In 'Forget Me Too' Video

After teasing fans for weeks, Machine Gun Kelly dropped his highly-anticipated music video for “Forget Me Too” in collaboration with Halsey and Travis Barker.

The video starts with MGK working on his motorcycle when he starts to spasm. As he makes his way to the bathroom, he pulls out a Magic 8 Ball from the back of his neck that contains Halsey.

The pair take turns running through the house destroying items that remind them of each other. Once Halsey's verse kicks in, MGK holds onto his eyelid and we see the singer surrounded by water within his pupil and the same happens to MGK. This imagery with the 8 Ball could be a metaphor for both characters struggling with drug use (an eight ball is a common term for cocaine) and the relationship being impacted by it as described in the lyrics. 

The turbulent music video is a perfect representation of the pop-punk breakup song and the video reaches the apex when both MGK and Halsey meet in the living room to fight it out. We also get Travis Barker hanging out in the background on the drums minding his dang business.

Fans, of course, were blown away by the video and took to the comments to praise both artists. “I still can't believe this's actually happened mgk and halsey made a song together, like it's REAL I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I love them both so much,” one fan wrote while another said, “This is exactly what 2020 needed, MGK dropping the best album ever and this duo with Halsey 😍 obsessed with them both.”

MGK released Tickets To My Downfall at the end of September and it earned him his first No. 1 album.

Photos: Adrianna Casiano & Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio