Two High School Students Arrested For Spiking Teacher's Drink With Cleaner

A pair of juniors from Eunice High School in Louisiana are facing felony charges after police say they filmed themselves spiking their teacher's drink with Krud Kutter and then posted the video to Snapchat. When the teacher took a sip of her drink, she immediately realized it had been tampered with and dumped the rest.

"She did take a taste of it," Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot said. "She noticed a strange taste to her beverage. She discarded the rest and didn't consume anymore. As far as we know, she did not drink or consume enough to affect her health."

Another student saw the video on Snapchat and showed it the school's resource officer, who called the students in for questioning. They admitted to spiking her drink and explained they thought it was just a prank.

The male and female students, who have not been identified, are both 17 years old and were charged with one felony count of mingling harmful substances.

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