Eiffel Tower Closed After Man Attempted To Climb The Iconic Landmark



French officials have closed the Eiffel Tower and are evacuating tourists from the iconic landmark after an individual began to scale the side of the structure. Authorities have made contact with the man and are negotiating his surrender. Officials have not released the identity of the man or said why he decided to climb up the side of the tourist attraction.

Police have closed off the roads around the Eiffel Tower and advised tourists to avoid the area.

The climber reportedly entered as a tourist and began climbing from the second floor. He managed to reach the observation deck near the top of the 1,062 foot landmark.

Claire Murphy, the Deputy News Editor of the Irish Independent, was in the observation deck when the man began his ascent of the tower. She wrote on Twitter that they were not allowed to leave and that police were negotiating with the climber.

"Yes police have arrived and are negotiating with the guy now. Everyone is calm and they are looking after us with water"

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Photo: Getty Images

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