Glenn Hughes Would Not Return to Deep Purple if Asked

While a reunion with Deep Purple is out of the question for co-founding guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, the band's position on former bassist/singer Glenn Hughes is less certain.

Hughes was a member of Purple's celebrated Mk. III lineup, which also featured front man David Coverdale. But he says a reunion with Deep Purple isn't in the cards for him.

When asked if he would accept a hypothetical invitation to collaboration with Deep Purple again, Hughes replied that he'd have trouble saying goodbye to his current project.

"I'm really, really happy playing these songs with my band, and the audiences are very, very happy," he explained.

On his Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live tour, the bassist is bringing his Deep Purple catalog back to fans all over the world. The next leg of the tour begins in April.

The current iteration of Deep Purple builds its live sets from albums with singer Ian Gillian, mainly the Mk. II lineup of the band, which had hits with "Highway Star," "Perfect Strangers," "Smoke on the Water" and many others.

While guitarist Steve Morse pledged that he would happily step aside if a Blackmore return was possible, longtime bassist Roger Glover will not be faced with such a dilemma, Hughes explains.

"For me to do these songs, I had to step back into character," Hughes said. "I grew my hair again and kind of '70s look. It's not like I'm a nostalgia artist, but in order to do this, I wanted to recreate the look and the vibe and the sound of what it was like in the '70s."

He says he's taken a method mindset to his Deep Purple-themed tour. It's a lot of work, and ultimately, he doesn't think a collaboration with Deep Purple at this stage would be "appropriate."

Hughes continued, calling Deep Purple "one of the greatest bands of all time."

"I just think I had to be in the right frame of mind to do it. You can't do this unless you're in the mindset, in the vibe and the smell and the feel."

Morse recently let slip that fans haven't heard the last of Deep Purple. He said in January that the band will make a new album and tour again this year.

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