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The Fallout - UFC 156 edition

The Fallout - UFC 156 edition
Posted February 4th, 2013 @ 1:12pm

If there was a theme for the biggest PPV of the year this past Saturday it might have been disappointment or if you are someone who likes to bet it could have been "what happened to my parlay" night.  Either way it was a bad night for guys who were supposed to win.  What can be said about Overeem?  He talked all week about how he was to destroy Big Foot and had a chance with those elbows in the second and despite the detractors talking about how small he looked - he tossed Big Foot around for almost ten minutes.  Then he simply ran out of gas and Big Foot turned on the heat until it was lights out.  Which leaves us at a crossroads.  Nobody wants to see Cain vs. Big Foot II and what do you with Overeem who was THAT close to a title shot?  How bout JDS.  As for Big Foot, perhaps he and Belfort can start a support group for guys who can't ever be in with the champ again because of how bad they looked anonymous.


Then there was the superfight billed as the coming together of the champ and the former champ at a higher weight class and for me it lived up to everything it was supposed.  Aldo's leg kicks in the 1 + 2 and Edgar turning the corner in the last two rounds.  That third round it one where we could debate for days on who won and regardless which fighter you pick, I would not be mad.  However can we relax on Edgar being  done or needing to drop to 135.  Aldo looked stronger and got the better of a lot of the exchanges but the final two rounds Edgar looked as great.  To see these two men go toe-to-toe was terrific and I actually think you could make a case that Edgar won the third round and took the fight.  I certainly don't think that Aldo looked as dominate as the score indicated after those first ten minutes.  Pettis is lobbying for a shot at Aldo but my hope is that we get the Korean Zombie next.


Other guys who wish they had a better night would be Rashad Evans, although his $300,000 payday probably changes his disposition about the loss.  Jon Fitch saw his own gameplay turn against him as Damien Maia continues to look better and better at 170 and what do we do with Ian McCall?  Yes he puts on great fights, yes he was one of the first flyweights in the UFC but as of right now he is 0-2-1 in his UFC career and as much as I don't want to see Benevidez and Mighty Mouse II, I am not sure what to do with a shallow weight class and a guy who puts on exciting fights but doesn't ever bring home the gold.  However, if Clay Guida has survived this long - there is always hope for Uncle Creepy.


What's Next?


Aldo vs. The Korean Zombien or Pettis


Big Foot vs Frank Mir


Overeem vs JDS


McCall vs Dodson


Maia gets the winner of Rory/Condit


Fitch vs winner of Koscheck/Lawler


Edgar drops to Bantamweight

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