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Judge was friends with Clay?

Judge was friends with Clay?
Posted January 30th, 2013 @ 2:43pm

How on Earth does this sort of thing happen? An article was recently published noting that one judge, Gabriel Sabaitis, scored all three rounds for Guida, and is a fellow Illinois native and is Facebook friends with Guida.  That is right the judge who knew nothing about the fight he was watching when he gave all 3 rounds to Clay, was also a friend on facebook.

The judge Gabriel Sabaitis went on the UG (MMA Underground) to defend himself. "I felt all 3 rnds were real close. Guida has an awkward style to score. I felt his aggression and TD out weighed (barely) Hioki's effective striking in the 1st. I also marginally gave him rnds 2&3...barely. But there's no half point scoring in MMA! There's 3 Judges for a reason. If both Judges gave it 29-28 Hioki and I gave it 30-27 Guida, then YES!! I am the new Cecil Peoples! But one DIDN'T!! And he's one of the most experienced Judges in the business!! He had it 29-28 Guida!! So that means he agrees with me more than the other Judge!! But this fight was so close it could've been 29-28 Hioki, no doubt. I respect everyone who believes Hioki won. I'm an open minded Judge, but I stand by my decision and it was made by using The MMA Judging Criteria NOT favoritism! My brother could be fighting and still wouldn't give him an undeserved decision!!!"

Yes there is no half-point in MMA and no you would have a hard time finding a judge who doesn't have facebook friends who are also fighters.  However, I might be inclinded to think that a judge from Chicago, the nickname is not because of the wind, might not be the best person to acurrately judge another Chicago native and friend on facebook.

Is it just me or what exactly would the commission label as a conflict of interest? 

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