A Woman Beats Up Another Woman at the Company Picnic Because Her Shorts Were Too Short
The woman ended up with her eye swollen shut and a fracture to her face.  

A Woman in Jail Steals Her Cell Mate's Debit Card to Bail Herself Out

Eventually the 37-year-old woman got out of jail, checked her bank statement, saw the charges, and called the cops.




A GuyFalls Off a Train . . . And Instead of Getting Help, Another Passenger Drinks His Beer

Then he stole the guy's luggage ! 





A Guy Lights a Bunch of Romantic Candles For His Girlfriend . . . and Burns Their House Down

Turns out the candles had set the RUG on fire . . . and the house was starting to BURN DOWN.  He got out safely, but the house was so messed up they have to move. 





A Woman Tries to Run in Front of a Plane to Stop Her Boyfriend from Leaving . . . But He's Not Even on It

There's an old saying that if you love someone and let them go, they'll come back if it was meant to be.  Apparently this woman never heard that.