A Drug To Help Uncurve Men's Junk May Cure Women's Cellulite?
The drug will be in clinical trials for at least another year. 

A Dad Leaves His Kids Locked in the Car to Get Drunk at a Bar . . . So the Other Drunks Beat Him Up

Here's a fitting climax to all the stories about idiots leaving their kids locked in hot cars this summer. 




A Guy Posted a Photo of a Pile of Cash on Facebook . . . And Someone Broke Into His House and Killed Him

Here's a tragic reminder that not everyone who reads your Facebook posts is actually your "friend."




A Man Is Busted Trying to Take Upskirt Photos at a Walmart Using an iPod Hidden in His Shoe

He cut a hole in his black dress shoe, put an iPod Touch in the shoe, and positioned the camera under the hole.  His plan was to get close to women in skirts, casually slide his food under them, and take a photo.