There are more bars cropping up in the UK where booze is not served!  Attitudes toward drinking and public drunkenness are changing in Great Britain.  Night club patrons have alcohol-free options available. 


Would you consider going to a bar where beer, wine or your favorite adult beverage is not served?  Could you warm up to an alcohol-free beer or "mock drink"?  Can you still enjoy yourself without "tying one on"?  Maybe it's all about the company you keep and your definition of a "good time".


I can think of five advantages of a night out without consuming alcohol:  1)  No chance of drinking and driving.  2)  No hangover the morning after.  3)  No waiting to use the restroom.  4)  Your bar tab is more likely to be budget friendly.  5)  No need to wonder how you got home or who is next to you in bed.


(Sky News)