A London area man was speeding in an Audi A3 Quattro doing 80mph in a 30mph zone.  The result was quite messy!  After hitting a parked car, he smashed the high-powered automobile into a house.  The impact was so severe, the car's engine was thrown 25 feet.  The driver, Storm Burger, a 21 year old male model had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters.  Burger was mostly concerned about injuries to his face on his way to the hospital, because he had an upcoming photo shoot with a fashion designer.  Fortunately, no one was home at the residence and he was not seriously injured.  Burger must pay a fine of 3,700 British Pounds or face six weeks in prison.

Check out pictures of the wreckage at the link below!  It's hard to believe the guy survived!