Huge Tuna Capsizes Boat as Fisherman is Dragged into the Ocean...The 230 Pound Fish Still Captured!

Imagine fishing in a 14-foot boat, miles from land in the Pacific Ocean and landing the big one! 

54-year-old fisherman, Anthony Wichman of Hawaii was doing just that about 10 miles southwest of the island of Kauai the morning of Friday, July 19th.  He managed to hook a 230 pound Ahi tuna.  After spending about an hour reeling it in, the giant fish capsizes his boat.  Wichman is then dragged into the ocean with the fishing line wrapped around his ankle.  It so happened he still had his waterproof cell phone within arm's reach.  While struggling, Wichman was able to call his daughter and utter a few words.  Sinking, Coast Guard, and buoy.  It was enough for her to know to call for help.

Thanks to the GPS signal from his cell phone, the Coast Guard was able to locate and rescue the fisherman.  Wichman's injuries were limited to some bruises and a rope burn.  Two fisherman nearby were able to come to the rescue and tow his capsized boat back to land.  After all that, the 230 pound tuna was still attached to the boat!

Wichman thanked the fisherman, by offering them the giant tuna! 

Now that's a "fishing story" one can't forget!