Call me a "softy", but this story touches my heart!  This Ohio couple rarely spent a night apart after 70 years of marriage!  Kenneth and Helen Felumlee met as teenagers when he was 18 and she was 19.  They dated for three years and even eloped to get married in Kentucky.  He was too young at 20 to wed in their home state of Ohio.  He couldn't wait two days for his 21st birthday!

After raising 8 children together, staying active in the community and growing to a ripe old age, their love for each other was apparent to the very end.  They even held hands while eating breakfast in their final days!  About 12 hours after Helen died, Kenneth looked at his family and said, "Mom's dead".  He started to slip away after that and passed away a few hours later, while surrounded by 24 of his closest family members and friends.  Death couldn't even keep them apart.  Amen!